by limbs

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released January 5, 2013

Recorded by Jon Reed & Tim Reckley (T-Rex)
Mixed & Mastered by Jon Reed

We love all our friends. We made this for you.



all rights reserved


limbs Harrisonburg, Virginia

Andrew Puffenbarger
Austin Scarbel
Peter Mulchahy Jr.
Loc Tran

Harrisonburg, VA

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Track Name: Duck, Alien!
Have you ever wanted to be safe from houses haunted by troubled graves?
Have you ever needed a head to have a faith?
Somethings hidden if nothings fake

And I will find my way out
We'll find our way out
I'll fight my way out
Get down

If its a reason that you seek, why do leaves turn back to green?
Look in the clouds we're underneath
Give me a substance, don't believe in me.

An otherwise unknowing victim but i know what I found out
Another lies approaching quick, come to die and bury us all.

This sound hurts
Track Name: Putty Gasket
I won't consider it a trade
It won't suffice
It's not the right way

If you meant what you say
then you would take us all to stay
for good

Faces look strange when everyone else's perfect person's too late

We'll birth another burn on Mother Earth
Someone is taking over

It seems to me I'm standing still
I paid to learn it pays to fuck and kill
Yet you sound just like my old man
They'll try so hard to warn us but they can't

I tend to find love distracting
To be a piece smaller than half of a feeling
Attraction to things I cant even recall

I know I might get out alive
Although we might not stay the night
Only if you want to Ill hold both our eyes closed
Only if you want Ill hope
Oh no!
Im alright on my own
Only if you want to I'll go
Track Name: Cave Dweller // I'm stuffy, again.
I won't forget, no matter how hard you try//
I can't believe that you're gone

Track Name: Sea Monkeys
"Copy me," the T.V. screen
But no one can buy me
I'll always be hollow
I hope not

"I'm alone!" screams the unknown operator
Im not home

Believe me
I can pay bills on my own time
Their rules aren't see through
They're up to come find you

Operator I've had my bad days
You're not alone
It's just a phase

When nothing clean can make sense but I'm alright
The past will start complaining but not tonight
Not if I'm glad you made it
Im just frustrated
Hope you don't hate me for it or its good

If we're all just jealous of ourselves
Im not content with someone else who says I'm drowning
I think I found me
They'll write that I'm the one who's poor
I can't afford to pay attention


So far we cope with it
Track Name: "Close the door, Goddammit!"
Hide me deep enough so I can't see my own body
Lose touch when Im such a jealous drooler
Do your worse

You're so angry when its cold
I took my sweater off a long time ago

And I suppose what you say matters most

Can't believe pretending things
Stills too scared to leap
I know I'll never grow if I don't show up

Still anticipate today
Still anticipate to lie
To wait

Ill never know
It's never home if I'm all on my own

I will never know
Im being honest
I will never grow
It's feeding on him